Month: September 2018

Your money and your future. Should you entrust yours to an individual or a firm? – The jury is out on this. I have spoken with about half a dozen different financial advisors, ranging from the most notable, long-standing trusted firms to the “hottest firms pushing education on the YouTube platform and honestly, I have to say, I’m […]

Ever wondered why your so busy and your desk looks like the scene from the movie The Intern? The answer is simple; You’re “busy” but not “productive.” Well, then Mr. Smarty Pants. How do I get from being “busy” to being “productive”? I’m so glad you asked, or well, I asked. The answer falls under the […]

Photo Credit: Pinterest In our new world of Political correctness, #Me Too’s, prostitutes being portrayed as righteous, the “you didn’t do it alone” and the secret world of so-called “privileges” that don’t actually exist (But once did). How are we as a nation, as a people going to be able to sort this out? When do […]